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I have been coaching and training athletes for 31 years at the University, College, and High School levels. I have trained professional athletes from multiple sports. With this experience I have taken the mindset of the upper echelon of winners and blended it with a transformation program to regain your health.

There is science, kinesiology, psychology, nutrition, training, coaching, motivation, and individual & team development that is all wrapped up in to one program. Three decades of work and experience with Championship Teams, Championship Athletes at the National, Conference, State, Division, and District Levels.

I understand the struggles of life in balancing your health. After a surgery that knocked me down for two years physically, emotionally and mentally, I knew I had to regain my health. So, I understand and can relate to the "comeback" to health and how hard it can be. Because of this....I  do not promote in-your-face, boot camp-style training. Yelling doesn't impress me, movement does. As long as you are moving, you are winning.

I do provide what I call personalized group training in an encouraging, team atmosphere that really does bring out the best in people. We take each person to their own personal best.

I know if I keep fitness fun you are more likely to stick with it. I have always put a strong emphasis on teamwork, leadership, and confidence in my workouts.

Coach Purvis

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