Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our program different from other fitness programs?
Our program takes you in a weight room for weights, on a track to do cardiovascular work,
on the football field under the stadium lights with music doing athletic drills,
in the stadium for a variety of exercises and in the gymnasium for other activities. Your hour of
workout goes so fast because you are changing not only the activity but also using so many of the different facilities - all in one location
with coaches

Why so early in the morning?
Life finds a way to catch all of us throughout our day. Completing your workout first thing helps to face all of the challenges we all have. No matter what life throws at you, you know that you have already taken care of yourself first.
AND studies show the blue light that’s outside in the early morning gives you a natural energy boost, which you carry with you the rest of the day.  You will see your mood is better as you go through the program.  This is a big component.

What makes our program work so well?
Giving our athletes that Friday night feeling, back in high school under the lights, with coaches encouraging is one aspect. The biggest of all is having a TEAM that takes ownership with you. We form a tribe that has like minded thinkers that are all on the same mission.  

Why a coach?
Having a fitness coach is the process of making a positive change in your life with the help and guidance of an experienced individual such as myself. To start, we will focus on the aspects of your life in which you need guidance. Along the way we help you define your goals and give you a strategy for obtaining them. As long as you are moving, you are winning.

What are some of the benefits of a coach?
Having a coach can help you overcome obstacles, make difficult decisions, improve your outlook on life, relieve stress and achieve your goals. We push, we encourage, we hug, we high five, we love.

Does it really work?
Yes, it works !!! Moving your body, opening up stiffness that has been locked up for years and taking time to care and love yourself - It works!!!
Whether you choose to go slow or go fast, you are getting positive effects and results. The more you let go of the old, the more of who you are comes shining through. Let go of a little or leap all in, you are changing. 

Is it worth the investment?
Yes, you are worth the investment.
You carry yourself stronger. You handle distractions more positively. You breathe more purposefully. You are more productive and focused. Your IN-vestment changes your OUT-vestment. 
This program makes an Impact within, all we ask is that you go out and make an Impact to those in your daily life.

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